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I am a true animal lover. I have 2 dogs, 16 cats, 1 pot bellied pig, 2 geese, 8 ducks, 1 dove, 1 quail and 2 cockatiels. So welcome to my zoo. Here you will find lots of articles about animals and their health.

A very important thing to realize is that a clean house and/or shelter for your animals is essential to the life and health of your animals and yourself. Having just one pet or having 33 animals like myself can be quite a task to take care of and keep up a clean environment for them. Regularly cleaning pens, litter boxes, cages, or any area you may keep your animals, will keep your animals happy and healthy. Not to mention that it will keep you from calling commercial cleaning companies to clean up a huge mess at your house!

Do you have a pet food recipe or a home remedy for pet health? If so send it to me. I'll be happy to add it along with your name, email address and web page address if you like. Just let me know which you prefer.
As you have probably heard, some chimpanzees have been taught sign language. Now some of them have taught the language to other chimps and they have conversations among themselves.
A mouse can have 8 babies.  Assuming four of them are female, and knowing that a mouse can give birth 60 days after being born itself, after 18 months, a pair of mice
can become 4.5 million mice.
If there is time, a skunk will warn you before spraying.  The warning has two phases.  First the skunk pats his front feet on the ground several times.  Then he shakes his head from
side to side.  If you aren't gone by then, too bad!
How do we know what animals think or feel? I say be kind to animals just in case it matters to them.  The poet William Blake said, "How do you know but that every bird that cleaves the aerial way is not an immense world of delight closed to your senses five?"
Neutering a cat extends it's life span by two or three years.
Pets are for life, not just for Christmas.
Each of us waits for the joy of a home.
Take one of us in and you'll never go kissless,
So long as you treat us as one of your own.
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