Itchy Omens
Crown of the head- Advance in position.
Right cheek- Someone is speaking well of you.
Left cheek- Slander is being spread about you.
Right eye or eyebrow- Meeting with an old friend.
Left eye or eyebrow- Great disappointment.
Nose (inside)- Trouble and sorrow.
Nose (outside)- You will be kissed, cursed, annoyed,
or meet with a fool within the hour.
Lips- Someone is talking about you with disrespect.
Back of the neck- Illness of a relative.
Right shoulder- A legacy
Left shoulder- Sorrow.
Right elbow- Pleasant and exciting news.
Left elbow- Bad news and losses.
Right palm- Much money.
Left palm- You will pay a debt.
Spine- Disappointments.
Loins- Reconciliation after quarrels.
Stomach- An invitation to dine.
Thighs- Change of dwelling-place.
Right knee- Happy journey.
Left knee- Voyage beset with misfortune.
Shins- Unpleasant surprise.
Ankles- Marriage or increase of income.
Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.
~Edgar Cayce
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