Indian Signs, Charms And Omens
Take the heart of a bat, tie in a red silken string, tie around right arm, win every game at cards.

These are days not to do things, such as start a journey, or if get sick, not good, long time get well. No marry, you become poor and miserable. No move from one house to otha. No bargain. No begin lawsuit. The signs of the stars must be observed:

Jan. 1-2-3-4-6-11-12. Feb. 1-17-18. Mar. 14-16. Apr. 10-17-18. May. 7-8. Jun. 17. Jul. 17-21. Aug. 20-21. Sep. 10-18. Oct. 6. Nov. 6-10. Dec. 6-11-15.

Neva incur the wrath of a widow. Ver' bad luck. (Applies only to women whose husbands are dead, not to divorcees.)

The black cat:

If it comes to you, keep it. Ver' good luck. If black cat cross your path, turn, go back and around.

Lightly pick sore or aching tooth with small piece of wood from tree that lightning has struck.

If sun come up behind cloudbank in east, in morning 3 days it rain.

If cloud, wind all come from same direction, it rain.

Another rain sign is red moon in east early in evening.

Never hand money to anyone, you are giving money away. Lay it down, let him pick up. If anyone pay you, hold your hand and let him lay money in it.

Signs of the moon:

In full moon cut posts.
In full moon cut logs.
In full moon start to build house.
In full moon butcher hog.

If you don wana get caught doing something, do it in dark of moon.

The lucky rabbit's foot is the right front foot of a rabbit killed in graveyard at midnight.

Chicken come near you and crow, someone is comming from direction he face.

The elbow of the wing of a bat, the part with the hooks on, ball player carry it in pocket. Play good ball.

A sure way to catch fish:

Take rose seed and mustard seed and the foot of a weasle and hang in a net. The fish collect right there.

How to obtain things desired:

If you call upon another to ask for a favvor, carry a little of the five finger grass with you. Your favor will be granted.

If a chair turns over when you are getting up from it, you will not marry that year.

Look for rain when the leaves turn over on tree, the bottom side up when wind blow.

Never throw away (desert) a black cat. Very bad luck.

If a dog howls on doorstep, you will have good news.

A white cat a good omen, if him come to your home.

Camp at night, take rope. Circle camp with rope. No ground animal will come under rope. (A new rope won't do.)

Source Unknown
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