Herbs For Prosperity, Luck And Success
Alfalfa: Wards off poverty.

Allspice: For money and luck. Best when burned.

Almond: Prosperity.

Aloe: Luck. Hang it around the house.

Basil: Wealth.

Bayberry: Prosperity.

Bergamot: The oil is for attracting money. Success.

Blue Flag: Helps to bring money and business.

Camomile: Prosperity in amulets.

Cinnamon: Helps with other herbs for money.

Clover: The four-leafed clover is for luck and money.

Dock: Attracts money.

Fern: Luck and money.

Galangal: Used for success in court.

Ginger Root: Burn for money and success.

Heliotrope: Attracts wealth.

High John: With other herbs it is very effective in increasing the power of prosperity spells. Used for luck, money, and success.

Honeysuckle: Quickens prosperity when used with other herbs.

Jasmine: Attracts money.

Juniper: The oil is useful for money spells.

Myrtlewood: Prosperity.

Orange: Wearing the oil is good for business negotiations.

Patchouli: When burned it is good for growth in business. Also attracts money.

Peony: When burned it is good for luck, and success in business.

Peppermint: Prosperity when worn with other herbs.

Pine: Prosperity.

Red Clover: Prosperity

Rosemary: Gives a bit of a money boost with other herbs.

Sage: Prosperity

Violet: Carry the flowers for luck.

Ylang Ylang: Effective whilst job hunting.

Source Unknown
We all need encouragement. We can live without it just as a young tree can live without fertilizer, but unless we receive that  warm nurturing, we never reach our full potential, and like the tree left to itself, we seldom bear fruit.
--Florence Littauer
Bastet was worshipped in Egypt for over 1,000 years.  Known for her nurturing, mothering qualities, Bastet was the goddess of prosperity, happiness and well-being.  Since cats were considered sexually promiscuous and fertile creatures, Bastet became the symbol of fertility and love.   During the heyday of her popularity, Egyptians would hold a festival in her honor.   This party was pretty raunchy and centered around the consumption of alcohol and the participation in wild orgies.  Women of the period would wear jewelry depicting the image of the cat goddess when wishing to conceive a child.
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