Bizarre Things You Didn't Know About the U.S. Presidents
In warm weather, 6th president of the United States John  
Quincy Adams customarily went skinny-dipping in the Potomac  
River before dawn.  

9th U.S. president William Henry Harrison was inaugurated on  
a bitterly cold day and gave the longest inauguration speech  
ever. The new president promptly caught a cold that soon  
developed into pneumonia. Harrison died exactly one month  
into his presidential term, the shortest in U.S. history.  

Sedated only by brandy, 11th president of the United States  
James Polk survived gall bladder surgery at the age of 17.  

Often depicted wearing a tall black stovepipe hat, 16th  
president of the United States Abraham Lincoln carried lett-  
ers, bills, and notes in his hat.  

17th U.S. president Andrew Johnson never attended school.  
His future wife, Eliza McCardle, taught him to write at the  
age of 17.  (Bonus fact about Andrew Johnson: He only wore  
suits that he custom-tailored himself.)  

Both ambidextrous and multilingual, 20th president of the  
United States James Garfield could write Greek with one hand  
while writing Latin with the other.  

The teddy bear derived from 26th U.S. president Theodore  
("Teddy") Roosevelt's refusal to shoot a bear with her cub  
while on a hunting trip in Mississippi.  

Warren Harding, 29th U.S. president, played poker at least  
twice a week, and once gambled away an entire set of White  
House china. His advisors were nicknamed the "Poker Cabinet"  
because they joined the president in his poker.  

The letter "S" comprises the full middle name of the 33rd  
president, Harry S. Truman. It represents two of his grand-  
fathers, whose names both had "S" in them.  

George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States, and his  
wife Laura got married just three months after meeting each  
The famous Revolutionary war general Lafayette had the same first name as his wife Mary.
Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never
happen. Keep in the sunlight.
Benjamin Franklin
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