Why The Hummingbird is So Small
There are 2 ways the Cherokee pronounce the word for
Hummingbird Waleli and Walela.

In a time long ago when the sky was purple red during
the time of the bird people, Waleli were two great
beings and not as we know them today.  Walela's
ancestors were giant feathered beings not from our
Earth Mother but sent by Yahowah Creator to keep this
place purified.

This was the responsability of the then Two who are
now One.

Waleli was favored in Ga-lun-la-ti holding high seats
around Yahowah council of the Elder Fires Above.
Waleli was sent by the Elder Fires with the whispers
of Yahowah's Sacred Fire and Water .. which is storm.

It was Waleli who sat among the Elder Fires Above.
Round the great circle of Yahowah in Galunlati
(Heaven). For it is Waleli who is the heart of all
clean things, body and spirit.

The world became wondrous and beautiful with the help
of Waleli the two. Everywhere Waleli the two went they
left their mark on that which they touched. For in the
breast of red so thus Waleli left something of red
behind to say I was here.

But in the times of purple-red sky also came great
angers of jealousy and the tearing many hearts and
places from Waleli.

Great wars of birds and ground beings took place and
Waleli was called back to Yahowah's council in
Galunlati. The Elder Fires thinking on what to do with
the hearts of darkness of the earth and the universe
decided that more power needed to be given to Waleli
and so Waleli the two were sent back to the Earth to
spear the darkness with Yahowahs Heart given to them
shoot at the hearts filled with darkness and evil.

Great struggles took place within all things.
The choosing between evil or good.
And there took place a Great War of Darkness and

Waleli speared deep the hearts of darkness and so they
turned upon themselves!

The heart of Yahowah cannot exist with the heart of
evil! So when Waleli speared the hearts of evil with
Yahowah's Heart. A choosing choice had to be made ..
And when one found they loved the darkness more
than the light within their inner most self, their
heart of spirit no longer could exist. And within a
twinkling of an eye it disapeared.

And the WORLD was destroyed due to those who loved the
darkness more than they loved the light. Evil thus
ended the time of the bird people, and the sky became
a different color and a new world for a New Beginning.
Waleli the TWO then became the ONE.

The Elder Fires Above had council with Waleli in the
destruction. Waleli in Galunlati was given great
honors. Waleli was given a choosing choice of their
own. Waleli could remain as two with less power each
OR Waleli could become ONE, combine, merge the many
powers the Elder Fires Above gifted to each the two.
Waleli chose to be ONE, and so Waleli became Walela
the Sacredly small and more powerful than before.

Waleli were TWO huge powerful birds once. Now Walela
is more powerful and the smallest of them all.

And so it is, the smallest of today's bird people is
in the reality of the Heavens the mightiest of bird
people today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
The hummingbird, the loon, the swift, the kingfisher, and the grebe are all birds that cannot walk.
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."
-- C. Archie Danielson
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